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Sports Facility


Experienced sports professionals from the following segments within the sports industry may consider applying–

  • Public sector/government positions ( Administrators from SAI, State Sports Departments etc) – responsible for managing and implementing various sports-related schemes and programs.

  • Head Coaches/Senior Coaches with National/State teams or with elite training academies – responsible for the management of other coaches and/or implementation of training/competition operations for their respective sport.

  • Senior positions within Sports Leagues and Competitions, private academies – responsible for delivering maximum ROI for their stakeholders.

  • Not for profit sports foundations – with the mandate to support the development of sports in India

  • Current/Ex- Elite Athletes – looking for post-athletic career options by transitioning into sports administration related roles.        


The eligibility requirements for the program are as below:

  • Academic Qualification:
    Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in any stream.    

  • Work Experience:
    The applicant should have work experience of a minimum of 5 years  in administration, coaching, management and performance support services in the sports industry;

  • Language Proficiency:
    Be comfortable with English as the medium of instruction.

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