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  • Abhinav Bindra

Message by India's only individual Olympic Gold Medalist, Abhinav Bindra!

The High Performance Leadership Program is an initiative that aims at creating advocates and architects for high performance sport in the country. We intend to lay the groundwork for a robust Indian sports ecosystem that continuously generates champions by design and not by chance. Champions have to be built to systems and processes, which requires a detailed and relentless pursuit for greatness. The end of the day, when every athlete has been trained to the hilt, it is the small things that separate the good from the great.

To use a simplified and broad definition: high performance sport is simply attention to detail in recruiting, training and creating champions in a structured and accountable format. High performance is a possibility, not just because of great athletes and coaches, but also due to sports leaders. These leaders not only create an athlete centric approach but also efficiency and perfection in day to day running of high performance. High Performance Leaders give a different dimension to sports, through innovation, the use of science and technology, creating a high performance environment and developing sustainable systems.

Many organizations are doing tremendous work for Indian sport. However, Indian sports is continuously evolving and we need to continuously innovate to take Indian sport to a higher level of performance and success. This is only going to be possible if work is done to empower institutions and people involved in influencing the way sports develop in India.

With this in mind, I am excited to see the High Performance Leadership Program come to life, an initiative by the ELMS Sports Foundation with the Abhinav Bindra Foundation as its knowledge partner. This is a large body of work, experiences and opinion coming together into an online program, which will give every participant an understanding of high performing sports and how it can be encouraged in the Indian sporting ecosystem.

ELMS’s vast knowledge of physical literacy and sport in India, as well as my foundation’s work with sports science. These are two organizations that have been long advocates of the process.

I leave you with just one thought, sport is about doing the day to day with passion and efficiency. This is effective administration and embodies the principle of the high performance sport that each participant and leader will take away from the program.

I look forward to welcoming you to the High Performance Leadership Program and join us in this journey to make India a sporting powerhouse!

Abhinav Bindra Founder – Abhinav Bindra Foundation Advisor – ELMS Sports Foundation

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