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ELMS Newsletter | Vol 14 | June 2022

This edition of the ELMS newsletter brings you further insights from leading stakeholders in the Indian sports ecosystem.

We begin with an op-ed that summarizes the findings of a pioneering study undertaken by a renowned sports journalist to understand the sporting landscape and his suggested strategies to overcome challenges for adapting LTAD at the national level to improve India’s medal tally. In the next feature, a leading sports nutritionist writes about how nutrition based on genomics can bring about a significant improvement in the performance of an athlete. Next, we take an in-depth look at the state of Indian Athletics, and the gaps that still exist in the system. And lastly, we bring you a passionate piece that calls for the promotion of sports at the grassroots level.

Through these articles, one can sense that there is a change in the Indian sporting industry and we are moving towards improving the pathway for talented athletes in the system.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition. If you would like to contribute to future editions, please reach out to us at

ELMS Newsletter - Vol 14 - June 2022
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