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ELMS Newsletter Vol. 18 August 2023

Imran Nadaph, Vice President for High Performance Sports at ELMS Sports Foundation, looks back at three years of the High Performance Leadership Program as we invite applications for the milestone fifth edition of the program. He highlights the impact it has had on the community of sports professionals, and its role as a fertile meeting ground for administrators, athletes, coaches, and sports science professionals to learn from top faculty, peers and alumni.

Our second feature is an article by HPLP participant and sports journalist Amit Kamath, who reports from Army Sports Institute, Pune after hearing about their innovative diving talent transfer program in an HPLP session!

We pay a lot of attention to an athlete’s physical health and performance readiness. In her article, Aradhana Sharma draws on concepts from human wellbeing to address how looking at an athlete’s overall wellbeing outside the competitive arena can have a positive impact and go a long way in helping them effectively navigate the demands of a professional and personal life.

Mridul Kataria tracks the rise of ‘sports-for-all’ policies across the globe, and encourages its adoption as a tool for physical health, sports excellence and social good in a time of rising physical inactivity worldwide.

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