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ELMS Newsletter Vol. 19 November 2023

How can stakeholders in India’s sports ecosystem come together to create a culture of

excellence? Imran Nadaph, Vice President for High Performance Sports at ELMS Sports Foundation weighs in on how effective learning and development solutions can help sports leaders develop their skills as practitioners, and deliver systemic results for the complex systems they are serving.

Col Abhayjit Sandhu takes us beyond the prevailing model of mental health to show us what sports psychology can offer athletes in terms of mental skills training and performance management.

Next, Sulochana Sijakhwa discusses a revised talent identification and development program for Nepalese volleyball. The former gold-medallist conducted in-depth research, spoke with senior sports administrators and drew from sports science principles to chalk out a new model talent selection and development for the sport.

Shooting coach Smita Kamble tells us the story of her own introduction to sports psychology as an athlete and now a coach. She shares how sports psychology can help athletes overcome goal setting for success, and manage doubts and fears when preparing and competing.

This edition’s Learn With ELMS highlights how leadership practices can help sports organizations improve their overall performance. While sports psychology typically focuses on improving individual athlete performance, the author of this study interview National Performance Directors to indicate how their management practice aligned the

sprawling teams in a high-performance setup to one goal.

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