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ELMS Newsletter Vol. 20 January 2024

Coaches are architects of athletic success, argues Imran Nadaph, Vice President for High Performance Sports at ELMS Sports Foundation. He delves into six core motivations that help high-performance coaches keep their eyes on the prize and drive a culture of excellence in their complex and fast-changing job.

Sundaresh Satyanarayana points out that high-performance coaches can be game-changers for the athletes and teams they work with. With athletic coach careers on the cusp of growth in India, he outlines what it takes to qualify and build a career as a high-performance coach.

Col. Amarjeet Singh shares an account - and preliminary results - of a pioneering study in India using shooters’ psychological and psychophysiological attributes as part of the talent scouting and development process. 

With the Paris Olympics only months away, Shantanu Srivastava trains his gaze on the continuing turmoil in Indian wrestling and its administration. One year after Sakshi Mallik, Bajrang Punia, and Vinesh Phogat’s protest, the standoff is now affecting young players who are aging out of their competitive categories. 

In the latest Learn With ELMS, we bring you a study highlighting how coaches using an interpersonal coaching style while interacting with young athletes can positively impact their resilience as individuals, improve team performance and influence players’ motivation to continue with their existing team. 

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