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ELMS Newsletter Vol 21 April 2024

Sports psychology can help you boost your work on and off the field. Imran Nadaph, Executive Coach and Vice President - ELMS Sports Foundation shows us how coaches can draw on various sports psychology strategies to improve both athlete wellbeing and performance.

An experienced coach and coach educator, Nandan Phadnis introduces us to the skills of reflective practice, and provides handy references for what it looks like in action for sports coaches. 

A former elite athlete-turned coach and entrepreneur, Saurabh Sharma tells us what it's like to be an athlete retiring from his sport. Read his advice for athletes in a similar position, and how his love for sport is helping him build his future. 

An educator and a coach, Kushal Sachdeva works with young athletes on a regular basis. He tells us how he’s applied his learnings from the HPCP, and the improvements he’s seeing in their work together. 

Coach developers and sports professionals are keen to bridge the gap in learning opportunities for coaches to upskill themselves. In this edition’s Learn With ELMS, we highlight the results of a study where researchers trained their lens on experienced coach developers working with coaches. They piloted a simple and structured tool designed to better observe coaches’ work, and help them understand the ‘why’ of their practice. 

ELMS Newsletter Vol 21 - April 2024
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