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ELMS Sports Foundation Newsletter Vol. 16 - February 2023

Sports coaching in India is at cusp, poised between the legacy of the past and a dynamic future ahead. Much like their peers on the global stage, Indian coaches today are expected to weave sports science, technology, management and administrative skills together to forge a sustainable path to excellence for athletes and systems in their care. What does the new world of coaching look like?

In this newsletter, we bring perspectives and challenges on coaching across Indian sports from professionals who have been observing the field for decades.

This edition begins with an article by Kinjal Suratwala, Head - Coach Education and Program Development at Coaching Beyond. Kinjal surveys the past of coaching in India before detailing the changes in the present day - including coach education.

Next, Manish Wahi writes about waking the sleeping giant that many believe Indian football to be. His article presents a roadmap for spotting and nurturing the future Indian football talent from childhood.

Veteran sports journalist Mihir Vasavda has done the rounds of academies and stadiums in Indian sports for over 20 years. He gives us a first-hand account of the realities of coaches and coaching then, and how the domain is changing.

Olympian Shiva Keshavan draws our attention to winter sports in India. The elite athlete draws on his experience and observations of winter sports to put forward an action plan to set India on the path to excellence in winter sports.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter. Should you wish to contribute to our future editions please write to us at

You can read the full newsletter here!

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