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#LearnWithELMS: Effect of Coaches’ interpersonal Style on Young Athletes’ Individual Resilience and Team Adherence Intention

Resilience - the ability to grow through setbacks and to absorb the potential negative effect of stressors - is now recognized as a prized quality everywhere from the boardroom to the playing field. It’s especially important for athletes who want to sustain high levels of performance. Athletes routinely face stressors on and off the field, and resilience is key in negotiating their path.

How does one become more resilient? We have conventionally assumed that resilience is a quality that someone is born with. However, recent research into resilience and sports performance has indicated that social support from coaches, among other factors, can influence an athlete’s resilience. The right kind of coaching can strengthen an athlete’s self-concept, and in turn improve their performance as players.

In the latest Learn With ELMS, we bring you a study highlighting how coaches using an interpersonal coaching style while interacting with young athletes can positively impact their resilience as individuals, improve team performance and influence players’ motivation to continue with their existing team. If you are a coach or anyone who works with young athletes, read on to find out how you can get better results.

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