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Online Program for Sports Administrators

When India returned from the 2016 Rio Olympics with just two medals, despite sending its largest contingent ever, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set up an eight-member Task Force Committee (OTF), whose members included the likes of Abhinav Bindra -India’s sole individual Olympic gold medalist - to draw up an action plan for the effective participation of Indian sportspersons in the next three Olympic Games.

When this committee submitted its final report in August 2017, their most  critical observation was concerning the lack of a robust sporting ecosystem in  India that facilitates high performance. The committee also strongly emphasized the need to establish world-class high-performance directors/administrators in India so as to lead each sport’s transformation. 

High Performance is synonymous with the experience and inspiring journey of 5-time Olympian and India's first individual Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra. Under his guidance ELMS Sports Foundation started the High Performance Leadership Program to bring the best knowledge in high performance sports to the Indian sports ecosystem.

This online training program is specifically designed to help India’s sports administrators upgrade their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the area of management and leadership in High Performance Sport.

The High Performance Leadership Program is a one-of-a-kind program put together in an effort to create more leaders and strong influencers in the Indian sporting ecosystem. The Abhinav Bindra Foundation has come on board as the course’s Knowledge Partner in a bid to share its learnings and collaborate towards a robust program that every participant can associate within the current situation of Sport.

Program Design







Expert Led


Open Sessions


Project Work

The USP of this program is that it is designed to help its participants to immediately implement knowledge and skills attained, providing practical benefits to both the individual and their organizations. The program aims to challenge and encourage participants to develop learning and skills across a large range of high-performance areas.

The program includes 16 expert led sessions across 5 different modules. These modules have been designed based on the extensive need analysis done by ELMS Sports Foundation to identify some of the key learning/skill gaps in current administration/leadership across India’s sporting ecosystem.


What will you study?


Developing and managing Olympic, National[Leagues, Ministerial, IOA and NSAs] and other international sport organizations; Creating High Performance culture within organization.


Goals of The Program

Through 5 core learning themes, participants will gain critical insights into what it takes to:


Lead the sports organization with clear vision/goals, put in place efficient organization design, governance structures, and align functions as per Olympic Charter


Leverage all relevant sport sciences for maximizing performance of athletes, for process efficiency of organizations, and provide cutting edge infra/processes to the athletes.


Define/refine holistic sports policies as per needs of all stakeholders, implement plans with clear plans and efficiency, monitor on-ground implementation and regularly share improvement opportunities


Understand, review and establish world class processes for talent ID and development at youth, junior and senior levels.


Develop the critical skills needed to maintain emotional balance of self and others in order to maximize performance and overcome stressful or challenging situations in training or competition.


Who should join the program?

The ideal participants for this course are mid to upper-tier officers required to deliver managerial leadership in responsible positions within his/her organization. The ideal candidate for this program should be responsible for performance and development outcomes and be a top performer in their own areas of expertise. In addition to that, the candidate should be comfortable with e-learning, looks for knowledge & skills that can be applied to solve performance related problems and be motivated to learn, demonstrates learning agility, seeks challenges and has a continuous learning mindset.

The High Performance Leadership Program is best suited for experienced sports professionals from the following segments within the sports industry:

  • Public sector/government positions (Administrators from SAI, State Sports Departments etc) – responsible for managing and implementing various sports-related schemes and programs.

  • Head Coaches/Senior Coaches with National/State teams or with elite training academies – responsible for the management of other coaches and/or implementation of training/competition operations for their respective sport.

  • Senior positions within Sports Leagues and Competitions, private academies – responsible for delivering maximum ROI for their stakeholders.

  • Not for profit sports foundations – with the mandate to support the development of sports in India

  • Current/Ex- Elite Athletes – looking for post-athletic career options by transitioning into sports administration related roles.


The eligibility requirements for the program are as below:

  1. Academic Qualification - Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in any stream. 

  2. Work Experience - Between 5 -15 years.

  3. Language Proficiency - Be comfortable with English as the medium of instruction.      

  4. Project Requirement - Ability to undertake a project addressing any topic related to the management and leadership of delivering high performance sport related services.

Key Details


The Certification Program shall be for a period of 7 months, and shall consist of the following :

Certification Program Induction Session:
1 session of 2 - 2.5 hours. The induction aims to provide the participants with an understanding of the Certification Program requirements, regulations etc., and will outline to participants the academic support provided by the Certification Program team as well as the peer support and collaboration opportunities available to them.

Online Expert led Sessions:
16 sessions (1 session/ week for a period of 4 months) covering 5 modules, with each session of two (2) hours, for a total of 32 hours.

Open Sessions:
16 sessions (1-2 sessions/ week for a period of 3 months), with each session of one (1) hour, for a total of 16 hours

Group Research Project:
Duration: 1 month

Individual Project Work
Duration: 2 months

*Open Sessions shall run simultaneously with Group Research Project followed by Individual Project Work.
** (the duration of the Certification Program mentioned herein, the number of sessions and timelines provided hereinbelow are indicative, and shall be subject to the sole discretion of ELMS)

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for the program, a candidate will have to provide the following for review by the selection committee:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae: To include information on educational background and professional employment experience particularly in the sports sector

  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

  • Project Proposal: This proposal should include details on the proposal topic, methodology, assumptions, potential findings, and likely recommendations. The proposal should not exceed 500 words.

  • Personal Statement: This statement should include why you want to enroll in the program and your long-term career goals. The statement should not exceed 250 words.


Program Fees

  • The fees for the program are Rs.45,000/- + GST.

  • Early Bird Discount: There is an early bird discount that can be availed by the participants if the complete application is submitted 31st October 2023. The fees for early bird applicants are Rs. 40,000/- + GST. 

  • Group Discount: Any organization sponsoring 4 or more participants to a program will be entitled to a discounted fee of Rs. 40,000/- + GST. 

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