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Unleashing Potential: My High-Performance Coaching Journey with ELMS Sports Foundation

Mr Kushal Sachdeva, a passionate sportsperson, coach and sports educator, recounts how he applied his learnings from the HPCP to his work with athletes. From improving training regimens to creating tailored nutrition plans, read on to find out the changes he’s made!

Mr Sachdeva was a participant in the 2nd cohort of the High Performance Coach Development Program offered by ELMS Sports Foundation, in association with Abhinav Bindra Foundation and Loughborough Sport, Loughborough University, UK


As a coach deeply committed to enhancing athlete performance and well-being, I embarked on a transformative journey through the High-Performance Coach Development Program (HPCP) offered by the ELMS Foundation. This immersive experience delved into various facets of coaching, including athlete development, effective planning, coaching philosophies, nutrition, and strength and conditioning. Today, I am thrilled to share my insights and learnings from this exceptional program, hoping to inspire and guide fellow coaches in their pursuit of excellence.

Athlete Development: Nurturing Excellence 

One of the program's core focuses was athlete development, emphasizing a holistic approach. From understanding individual athlete needs to tailor training programs, the program equipped me with valuable insights for creating an environment that fosters both physical and mental growth. By recognizing and addressing individual strengths and weaknesses, I learned how to optimize training regimens for maximum impact on athlete performance.

Effective Planning: The Blueprint for Success 

The HPCP underscored the pivotal role of effective planning in coaching success. Through in-depth sessions, I gained a comprehensive understanding of periodization, goal-setting, and performance analysis. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to craft meticulous, goal-oriented plans that not only enhanced athlete performance but also ensured sustained progress over the long term.

Developing Coaching Philosophies: A Guiding Light 

The program encouraged coaches to reflect on and develop their coaching philosophies, recognizing the profound impact they have on athlete development. By aligning personal values with coaching strategies, I discovered the power of authenticity and consistency in building trust with athletes. This approach not only elevated the coaching experience but also had a positive influence on athlete motivation and commitment.

Nutrition: Fueling Success 

Understanding the critical role of nutrition in athlete performance was a game-changer for me. The expert-led sessions provided insights into creating tailored nutrition plans, emphasizing the significance of individualized approaches. , I could guide athletes in making informed dietary choices that complemented their training, enhancing their overall well-being and performance.

Strength and Conditioning: Building Resilient Athletes 

The program's emphasis on strength and conditioning highlighted the importance of building well-rounded, resilient athletes. From injury prevention to optimizing athletic potential, I gained insights into designing effective strength and conditioning programs. Integrating these strategies into coaching practices significantly contributed to the overall physical preparedness and durability of the athletes I worked with.

Notable Teams/Athletes and Specific Learnings 

I had the privilege of learning from and collaborating with elite coaches and athletes throughout the HPCP. Engaging with diverse perspectives and experiences like theirs broadened my understanding of coaching dynamics. Specific learnings from working with notable teams and athletes included tailoring strategies for different sports and recognizing the unique demands each discipline presents.

Key Takeaways and Application in Coaching Practice 

The ELMS HPCP provided a rich tapestry of knowledge and experiences. My key takeaways, including personalized athlete development, meticulous planning, authentic coaching philosophies, informed nutrition, and strategic strength and conditioning, have become integral components of my coaching practice.

After applying these learnings, I witnessed tangible improvements in athlete performance and well-being. Tailoring training programs to individual needs, incorporating effective planning, and nurturing a positive coaching environment have collectively contributed to a culture of excellence within my coaching practice.

As I continue to evolve as a coach, I am grateful for the profound impact the ELMS Foundation's High Performance Coach Development Program has had on my journey. I encourage fellow coaches to embrace continuous learning, as it is through knowledge and application that we can truly elevate athlete performance and well-being.

In the spirit of shared growth and success, let's continue to push boundaries and unlock the full potential of the athletes we are privileged to coach.

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