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what #learnwithELMS is about?

Research and research articles can be hard to understand as they’re loaded with heavy data and text consisting of problems, research methodology, solutions, etc. supported by citations, articles, tables, facts, and figures. As a result, they remain accessible only to scholars and topic enthusiasts.

#learnwithELMS is an initiative by ELMS Sports Foundation that aims to provide its audience on social media, access to the latest research in High-Performance sports via an easy-to-digest infographic format. In this format, the research and its different data points are presented in simple bullet points and supported with graphics, thus making the entire research and its premise easy to understand and follow.

This way anyone and not just sports scholars can access and understand the different studies and research taking place in high-performance sports and use it as required. To date, we have published close to seven research articles/ papers in this format.

Do you have research studies that you would want us to publish in this format? Do share the links with us.

Highlighted in this Edition:

The Sport Participation Pathway Model (SPPM): a conceptual model for participation and retention in community sport

National sport policy has a dual focus on population-based participation and elite performance. There are various models depicting the pathway to elite, however, there has not been a population-based sport participation pathway model to track, develop and facilitate holistic participation policies in sport.

This study by Rochelle Eime, Melanie Charity and Hans Westerbeek, seeks to review sport participation trends, including new data on retention and drop-out across age groups in community club-based sport, and combine this data with evidence from literature about people moving in and out of sport, to develop the Sport Participation Pathway Model (SPPM), which provides a holistic view of sport participation.

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